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Random thoughts

Monday, August 07, 2006

Enjoying the 'Hood

For the first time in a few weeks, I had a really relaxing weekend. Instead of waking early in the morning to work on the new place, I was able to sleep in and move at a more leisurely pace. Marc and I had finished some additions/changes that we had been wanting to do last week, so we weren't pressured to work on anything just yet. There is still quite a bit to be done, but I think the worst is over - until my uncle's move, that is.

On Saturday, we got off to a relatively late start. We soon changed into our swim suits and headed down to the beach off of Main Street. I love this beach area because it's not as crowded as the beaches near the pier, and of course, it's within walking distance from my place.

The waves were pretty substantial, so we decided to test the waters and were pleased to discover that the temperature was warm enough to let us play. So we jumped in and played in the waves for awhile, attempting to body surf a little.

That night, our friend Angela who we met at Rockreation had a birthday party at her place. It was perfect timing since we had to stay up anyway to wait for my uncle's flight from France to come in. When the guests started to stand up to get ready for some clubbing, it was just about the right time for Marc and I to leave for the airport.

On Sunday, we had an even lazier start to the day. We had breakfast at my place, then had a second one with Aaron, his sister and his girlfriend at the farmer's market. I was most amused by Aaron's sister's son, who seemed to have a thing for balloons. But everytime he would wave the balloon around and it would hit a blade of grass, the balloon would pop, and he would start crying. Mom got a new balloon - same thing happened. We watched the balloon shrivel up completely. The little one was watching it as well, and when the last of the air had gone, his nose crinkled and there he went, bawling again. It was so comical that we all had to laugh. Oh, kids!

We eventually headed to Brentwood to pick up mine and my dad's bikes to bring over to the apartment. We rode down San Vicente, and I was doing fine (given that I only learned how to ride about two years ago, and have only been on the bike a handful of times) until it was time to turn onto the pier. I missed the turn and turned into another road instead, panicked, tried to stop too soon and fell. That would have been fine, but being in LA, the cars that were coming started honking at me. What the hell?! I had to hurriedly pick up my bike and walk back to find Marc, burst into tears and check out the physical damage (which was very minor, thank God).

We then headed to the same beach as the day before to play in the waves some more. The water was still so warm, and the waves even bigger. We got out of the water to read a little bit and dry off then headed home to wash the saltwater off. We ended the weekend with a movie, Little Miss Sunshine, a cute, lighthearted comedy that went over well.

My parents come in this week so things will be hectic again until who knows when. So I'm really thankful for having this last weekend to unwind.

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