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Random thoughts

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rockreation Times Two ... or Three

My arms are sore. My back is aching. I woke up in the middle of the night with my left pinky numb beyond belief, I actually thought it had fallen off (cut to me groping around in panic to make sure I still had five digits to my hand).

I always make it a point to still climb while traveling, and last night I went to the one Tony had recommended, Mission Cliffs in San Francisco. Boy, what a gym. The walls were easily two or three times higher than the walls in Rockreation LA, and the bouldering area was way bigger. It was Rockreation on steroids.

I started out just hanging out in the boulder area and working on some problems there. I soon got into a groove, and started chatting with a few people, and lucky me, I actually found a partner to try the topropes with (I couldn't lead because I hadn't brought a rope). What fun! I was pumped after one climb, but each one I tried was awesome - good feet, good hands, and best of all, I actually finished them, even though my arms were about to fall off.

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