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Random thoughts

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I Love Summer But....

...tell me how I can stop missing this. I only went once this year, and of course since it was my first time out, I was on my butt one out of the two days I snowboarded. But it's not just that. With all this heat right now, I'd almost love to lay naked in a bed of snow.

Okay, I said almost.

For the past two days, I've had to go out in the afternoon to look at apartments, and the heat has just been unforgiving. Just walking to my car from the door of the house is already torture. Of course, if it was a Saturday and I was going to the beach, I probably wouldn't be complaining.

Not that the job isn't great, because it is. It's a lot nicer than sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time. I'm able to actually talk with people, and everyone's been so nice. I guess it says a lot about John too, because these are the people he deals with everyday. And yes, John's great. He's been really good about explaining things to me, trying to make me understand more about this field. And he's been giving me assignments where I know I will learn even more. So no major complaints about this job at all.

Well, save for maybe the food. There's just too much food in that house! When I get there in the morning, there's coffee and ricecakes or fruit or even beef stew (in the morning!). Then there's usually a big lunch. Then sometimes, there's even an afternoon snack that comes even without my asking, so of course, to be polite, I have to eat it. Yikes!

Well anyway, so really, it's just the heat that's killing me. I can't wait for January when I get to go to Mammoth again!

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