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Random thoughts

Monday, August 02, 2004

Weekend Recap

My weekend started out mellow, but picked up soon after. Friday night, Marc came over and helped out with some stuff around the house. Then afterwards, we (including my uncle) walked over to Souplantation for a soup-and-salad feast. As usual, I ended up eating more than what I should have (so today, I forced myself to do extra time on the elliptical machine).

Saturday, I went down to Anaheim for a dental appointment, and then headed over to Costa Mesa to catch the last day of the Orange County Fair. After getting lost twice, Marc and I finally made our way to the fairgrounds. Boy, did we have a blast! We met up with Joedie and Angela there, and looked at the creatures - both big and small - on display. Then we went into the hall of mirrors and had a riot finding our way out, even though it only took us all of two minutes to finish the maze! Finally, we took on some games, and Joedie was able to win a cute stuffed puppy (I'm so envious! haha).

Marc and I had to go by then, so we missed the pig races, which I was really looking forward to. But we had another party to attend....which turned out to be one of the quirkiest parties I've ever experienced. It was a yoga party, so naturally, the food they served was predominantly organic, even raw. They had all kinds of organic tea and coffee (soy coffee!) and powdered meals and what-not. Which was okay. When we went into the building though (the food was outside), we were unfortunate enough to hear one of the "entertainers" perform. Well, Marc and I were definitely not entertained. It was just this one guy wearing a turban, screeching and chanting weird nothings into the microphone. After awhile, Marc said something like, "I think I'd enjoy jumping onto the stage and beating that guy up right about now." So we headed out again and tried some more food. After checking out the silent auction and talking to Jean Michel, who had invited us to the party in the first place, we went back home and just hung out.

Sunday afternoon, Marc and I went to the Fowler museum just in time to catch the last day of the Filipino American photo exhibit. It was a trip worth making (not that it was that far), and I think Marc enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading the captions. Afterwards, we went to Sunday mass, had dinner and that was the end of my weekend.

So we get to today, and no, my life hasn't changed. I haven't gotten the phone call that I was hoping to get, so I'm nowhere again. This is definitely a frustrating time for me, but I'm sure something will come up soon. I hope.

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