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Random thoughts

Thursday, August 19, 2004

New Friend

Today, I realized that I had a new friend. It just so happens that he's my boss too. It's such a nice feeling to unexpectedly find myself someone's confidante, especially since I've only known this person for about three weeks. We're not even close to being joined at the hip, but just to know that it's not merely a business relationship is good, because I feel more relaxed.

This morning, when I called him, I actually felt bad because I just started rattling off updates to him, and he kept saying "okay", and then he cut me off in mid-sentence, and confided in me about a personal problem that he's been having lately. I totally forgot to ask him how he was, when he had already been talking to me about it everyday since Monday.

My boss' father is a blast too. Today, he wanted to bake Nestle cookies for his grandchildren. He had the whole thing, uncut and on a plate, ready to go in the microwave. I had to step in and show him how to do it, and when another person tried to help me, he said, "Let her do it, she's a better cook than you." And I know he said that because he has this notion that all Filipinos are good cooks. He keeps asking me if I know other Filipinos around here, and he's just so fascinated with the culture that I actually like bumping into him while I'm working at the office, because his questions and his compliments make me smile. He's such a sweetheart.

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