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Random thoughts

Friday, August 13, 2004

Down Time

It's a little slow here at work today, so I have some time to kill. Of course, what I did was research more recipes on the web. As if I don't have enough already! But that's the definition of an addiction, isn't it?

The Theology on Tap series was concluded last night, and looking back gives me a sense of accomplishment somehow, that I was a part of something that people came to and participated in. It's a great feeling.

So last night, the Theology on Tap head Dennis called on everyone of us who helped (Marc included, which made me happy), and it felt pretty good to be recognized too. So I think I'm going to keep doing things like this; Brian has already told me that he is going to recruit me for a speaker series he's co-chairing in October. I said, "As long as you don't put me in front of a crowd, I'm in!"

I've been feeling a little guilty though, because I haven't had time to hang out with my uncle. I don't think I came home early any day this week. Or if I did, I always had someone over. Monday, I went grocery shopping then sat down to watch a couple of Friends episodes with Marc. Tuesday, I had Marc over and I was fixing his friend's laptop. Wednesday, I had my cousin and his groupmate over for a project they needed help with. Thursday, I had Theology on Tap. And it looks like tonight won't be any different than the rest of the week. Yikes! I feel like I'm only a boarder in that house! That's just wrong.

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