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Random thoughts

Friday, October 22, 2004


Well, I'm in a much better mood today. I've found things to be happy about:

1. Stacy is gone!!!!!
2. It feels like I was just able to rewind and hit the replay button in my life. Well, at least temporarily.
3. I'm seeing my friends this weekend!
4. I'm going back to the restaurant where I saw Michael Vartan, my boyfriend who has no clue!
5. It's Friday! Two whole days without work!
6. I've started to make my Christmas list. Okay, that merits some smileys - :) :) :). I love Christmas. I love preparing for it. I love deciding which gift to give who. I love decorating! I love wrapping! Oh, and it's almost time for the yearly Christmas at Disney! :) I always want to rush right through Thanksgiving to get to this holiday season.


I haven't gone climbing in awhile, something I tried and really liked about a year ago, so I think I'm going to have to get back to doing it. I was doing more of it before, and then I got tendinitis (which I think I may have again on the same wrist, but who cares), had tooth issues, etc., etc., and I haven't gone back too much. But it's something that I really like doing, and whenever I do my occasional visits to the gym, I completely suck, and people won't stop trying to help me (which is not a bad thing, except that I like to figure things out for myself). So I'm debating whether to get a membership or not. I probably should have done it before, but it seemed like such an impractical thing to do because I already have a membership with a full-fledged gym. But I miss it, now that I can't go there just whenever I want to. We'll see. Decisions, decisions.


Usually, on Thursdays, I would rush home before 8 pm to catch Joey, Will & Grace, and The Apprentice. Well, last night, I didn't even bother. Who am I kidding? I feel blasphemous saying this, but I don't like Joey. It just doesn't click somehow. So I was at a restaurant, having dinner with Marc, trying to rush before 8.... But when I realized that only Joey was on at 8, I stopped making him check his watch all the time, and said, "Oh it's okay. It's only Joey."

It's sad. But it's true!

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