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Random thoughts

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Practice Makes Perfect!

Alright, I have to bore everyone again with my climbing reports. But there's reason to celebrate! I did a V1 last night! Yahoo! I guess I'm really seeing the benefits of going to the climbing gym regularly. Even the progression during one session clearly indicates that practice does make perfect.

Kudos too to my friend Michael for being able to run around the whole country club today without stopping. He's been at it since he came to stay with us, and in just a few days, he's gone from no physical activity to actually being able to run the 2+ miles nonstop. *applause*


I was at the drugstore today, supposedly just to grab some vegetable oil, but I just happened to pass the card aisle, and I was sidetracked by the Shoebox Greetings shelf. Now I used to collect funny greeting cards, even when I really didn't have anyone to give them to, so naturally I ended up with several when I left the store. So yup, some of you just might get a little something in the mail sometime. :) The embarassing part of the night was when I was reading the cards, and I kept giggling to myself. I suppose it's pretty understandable, but I felt a little retarded standing there, trying to muffle my laughter, while other people browsed so quietly around me. Where's their sense of humor?

Actually, I've been feeling a little off in the humor department lately. I feel like I'm completely different from anyone else. First off, I liked Napoleon Dynamite, and my friends say they didn't like it. Second of all, I was watching Zoolander last night and laughing like a hyena, while Michael sat beside me and simply smiled at the jokes. What the %&^%$&%$?! Doesn't eugoogooly merit even a chuckle? C'mon, man, give me something! :P


Now that I find myself without an iPod, I am actually craving an mp3 player again, for when I work out. I'm actually thinking of getting the new iPod shuffle, with the sport arm band and sport case. It seems to be a neat little gadget that I can bring along with me without the hassle of being bulky. Perfect for those long runs or sessions on the treadmill/elliptical trainer. Or even for bouldering, when I want to tune out other people calling out advice to me (I've gotten used to it though, and I actually appreciate the help now). :P


Well, it's getting late, and Michael is all camped out in the sofabed. I better end this. Tomorrow is a new day!

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