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Random thoughts

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Two seconds of fame

I'm famous! DirecTV has been showing Julia Fordham's new DVD for free on channel 124. Marc and I were actually at the concert where they did the filming, so when I heard about the DVD coming out, I noted that I would catch it when they show it.

Well, they've been showing it every weekend since the start of January, and tomorrow is the last day. I sat through the whole thing with Michael today, and sure enough, there I was, clapping away! Lucky Marc though, that light-colored shirt and his height actually made him stand out. Should've switched seats with him and made funny faces at the camera, damn!

So wow, this is what it feels like to be on TV. Michael asked me, "Is this the first time you saw yourself on TV?"

Me (from my place right smack in front of the TV, my eyes glued to the screen): "Isn't it obvious?"

I'm now on a desperate mission to tape this show - our VCR isn't working, and we don't have the DirecTV DVR, so I'm in a panic. This is probably my one and only chance at fame, so I need a copy!

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