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Random thoughts

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Climb on, Bro!

I took my brother to the climbing gym today to show him what it was like there. At first he simply rode the bike and watched the climbers around him, but after awhile his curiosity got the best of him and I was able to convince him to don some climbing shoes (free, thanks to Chris!) and try some bouldering. I was looking for a climbing partner so I could show him how top-roping works - I asked Tad at first but he was a little reluctant so I waited awhile to see who else would show up. When no one did, I finally asked Tad if we could do just one climb. Ernest watched - and declined our offer to have him try it. Aw shucks! But his arms were too tired from bouldering so I didn't push him.

It was great because he really liked the experience and he liked the people that he met (Tad, Tony, Albert, Jean-Michel, Stacy... although, maybe he liked Stacy for other reasons because I didn't actually introduce them to each other... sigh, guys will be guys... tsk tsk tsk).

My brother's only complaint? His wedding ring wouldn't fit anymore after climbing. Haha!

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