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Random thoughts

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I've gotten involved with this new venture, and I'm still groping around in the dark about what to do with it. Like I said in my last post, I tried to send out as many emails as I could. But then I found out that the details have changed and that has consequently rendered all the information I've emailed obsolete. Darn! I know, this is such a young business, prone to mistakes and stumbling around, but I'm just a little frustrated.

The good news is that I might actually be given a bigger role in the future. It all depends on one little presentation tonight that I have to provide support for. How exciting! But then at the same time, what with all the changes happening and me not knowing about it until after I've relayed the message to potential customers, I'm a little thrown off by this whole deal. I hope things become more organized soon. It would be fun to see this company succeed, and it would be very fulfilling if I were involved in its success somehow.

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