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Random thoughts

Monday, July 11, 2005

Weekend Recap - The Sound of Music and Mt. Williamson

Tito Monching had two extra tickets to the Sound of Music singalong at the Bowl, so Marc and I decided to take the tickets and make a fun night of it. After a restful day, we drove to the mall at Hollywood and Highland, and from there took the shuttle to the concert grounds. The rest of the gang had gone there early for a picnic, so when we got there they were already at their seats watching the pre-show costume contest.

The contest dragged on for a little bit, although it was really interesting to see how creative people can get. The winner was a man who dressed up as a carburetor, from the scene when the nuns showed that they had taken the carburetors from the cars of the Nazis. There was also a (gay?) guy who had donned a fullblown wedding gown, cut low on the chest so you could see his chest hair - I can't even say that his chest hair was "peeking out" because it was actually screaming for attention. Haha!

Funny quotes from the whole experience:

Scenario 1:
In the movie, it's the middle of the night, and the children are in Maria's room because they are scared of the thunderstorm outside. Maria tries to comfort them by singing them a song. While they are in the middle of it, Captain Von Trapp comes in looking very disapproving.

Guy in audience:What the hell? He's still wearing a tie?!?!?! (in reference to the time of night)

Scenario 2:
The Baroness pretends to help Maria choose a dress for the ball but instead persuades her to leave. Maria packs her bags and then is shown hurrying down the steps and out the door.

Girl in audience (in a very whiny voice): Don't go! You've got confidence in you!

Scenario 3:
Maria is frustrated that she can't get new material for the children's playclothes. She drops down on the chair by the window.

Girl in audience: Behind you! The drapes, behind you!


Sunday, Marc, Cecile, Cecile's friend Philippe and I went to Mt. Williamson for some climbing. I had gone to bed at 1:30 the night before so I was really out of it, yawning all the way down the trail to the rocks. Don't want to dwell too much on it but it was a horrible climbing day for me. Augh! But at least today I did better.

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