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Random thoughts

Friday, August 05, 2005

East Coast Fever

Hello, I'm back from the East Coast! I wasn't able to write anything while I was there since I was so busy having fun. If I didn't have responsibilities to get back to here in California, I would probably have stayed a little bit longer. I think my withdrawal symptoms started the second I stepped foot on the plane that was going to take me back to Los Angeles. My mental heels were digging in, refusing to get into the airplane cabin.

No pictures to post yet, I have yet to stop staring at them in my camera, and unload and resize them. Most of them are shots of the area though - not too many with people in them. I was just mesmerized by how green everything was so my fingers were on autoshoot.

Insights from this trip:
1. California may not be the only place to be for me. I may just try other opportunities in other places.
2. I think I will start seriously preparing to take my MBA.

I've adjusted to West Coast time already, but my mind is still wandering the green fields of Massachusetts. There was a lot that I wasn't able to do so I'm craving the time that I do get to spend more time there.

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