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Random thoughts

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Relaxing Day

Not much of an eventful Saturday, compared to the previous Saturdays I've had. I did a little bit of work today for TNT Phone, which is a new business that my brother Ernest's friend has just established here in the US. It's a bit of an iffy situation for me, but I'm still trying to see where it will take me.

After getting the work done, I felt the need to wind down a little bit and destress, so I donned my climbing shoes for a couple of hours at the gym. It's so therapeutic for me because when I'm on the wall, I have to stay completely focused on what I'm doing and it helps me clear my head of whatever problems or issues I'm having.

I'm really bad with names so I can't even remember who I climbed with - it was an Asian guy who just happened to be climbing at the same time I was. Anyway, this little girl named Hunter (yeah, for some reason, her name I can remember - yay me!) was bouldering with her father (? or brother? uncle? I really don't know), and Asian guy and I helped her with her moves. I really enjoyed giving Hunter tips, and it actually made me think that maybe I should give teaching a try. I have no idea what other people could possibly learn from me, but it feels very fulfilling.

I got the best compliment today too! I know I always try to be stronger, to climb better, but there was also one other thing I was trying to incorporate into my climbing: grace. Hunter's dad or brother or uncle said, "I saw you climbing earlier and you looked so graceful!" Then when I sat down beside his wife, she said, "We were watching you earlier, and you climb so gracefully!" I swear I must've blushed for five minutes after that.

I then went on to get a haircut in Marina del Rey. Marc must be so happy that I've found a salon close to home. I remember one of our conversations before.

Background: I used to live in Orange County so I had a stylist there. When I moved back up north, I continued going to her for awhile.

Me: I have to get my hair cut. Annie can do it, she's a hairstylist.
Marc: Where is her salon?
Me: In the Valley.
Marc: Do all of your hairstylists have to be so far away?

Okay, Mr. Denis, you do have a point. So I went to a salon in Marina del Rey, and I am pretty pleased with the results. It wasn't as reasonably priced as I would have liked, but she did a pretty good job. I know no one's going to come up to me and say, "Patay na ba ang gumupit?" (Have you killed your hairstylist yet?)

Then it was grocery shopping time, which is something I like to do to unwind as well. I sometimes spend hours just looking at new products in the market. Man, I am getting old!

And now it's 10:43pm, and I'm the hermit tonight. My uncle is out, my grandmother is out, and little old me is typing away here at home in my computer. The tables are definitely turned tonight.

Sleep is on its way so I'm signing off for now!

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I created a blog here, but don't know how to post pics. They want a url, how do you post from a file?

Congrats on the graceful compliments! That's the thing I enjoy the most about watching climbers. You probably got it from climbing with Jean-Michele. I've never seen a more graceful climber. (that's why I think you'd like volleyball. There is definitely a lot of grace in that game. And when you have it, it really stand out. I have a friend who is asian and she's so graceful, it's like watching Michael Jordan. You can't take your eyes off.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 17, 2005 1:31 AM  

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