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Random thoughts

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hearts and Poker Night

Whew! I just got home. I left the house shortly after lunch and suddenly found myself in a rollercoaster of activities.

The original plan was simply to do some slacklining at the park or at the beach until around 4ish, after which I would head home, change and go to mass. Well, as it turns out, Douglas and I laid out on the beach for awhile and read our books then we met Cecile at the park on 7th and Idaho. I slacklined for only about half an hour, and then it was time to head to mass, where my uncle and grandmother were waiting.

After mass, I said goodbye to them and waited out front for Douglas to pick me up with my car. Then we headed to Cecile's apartment and joined her and two of her friends, Jeff and Kimberly. We had intended to go to the free concert series at the Getty Center, but when we got there, they were turning away cars that wanted to park nearby. The closest parking lot that was open was so far away, and we decided it wasn't worth it since by the time we actually got to the concert, we would only hear half an hour's worth of music.

So we drove back to Cecile's, brought out the wine and beer, and ordered Thai food. Jeff and Kimberly had brought sandwiches so they ate those. We sat around chatting for a little bit and then got around to playing one set of Hearts and several rounds of Texas Hold'Em (which I totally sucked at).

I'm really glad to be getting out there and hanging out with new friends. It's been awhile since I met someone new and actually connected with them, so tonight has made me pretty happy. Plus I don't feel like so dependent because I can have fun on my own - although of course I always get the excited jitters when I see the calendar and am reminded of how close I am to joining Marc in Massachusetts.

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