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Random thoughts

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Frustrating Roadblock

I spent a very frustrating afternoon at the Santa Monica apartments today. We are in the process of moving to the office there, and I had to meet the cable and internet installers to make sure they put the equipment in the right places.

I finished one installation in the penthouse without much trouble. But when it came time for the next installation for the actual office, I came so close to blowing up. I suppose the guy was just doing his job, but I couldn't accept the logic he was using. Adelphia called me to let me know that he was waiting downstairs so I went to let him into the building.

Cable guy: Who are you?
Me: Cathy.
Cable guy: Oh. Hold on one second.

He rushed out to consult his colleague who was about to leave.

Cable guy: I can only install the wires but I can't leave the equipment.
Me: Why not? What's the point of installing the wires if we can't use it?
Cable guy: That's the thing, I asked the other guy and he said I can't do it. Our supervisor says so. Your name is not on the account so I can't do it.
Me: Okay that doesn't make sense. Why would Adelphia call me to let me know you're here and then not let you install it?
Cable guy: But your name is not on the account.
Me (looking at the work order): There it is right there, they have my number on there and everything. That's why they said look for me because I'm the one who's meeting the installer.
Cable guy: Sorry. You're not the account holder. I can't do it.

This went on for about ten more minutes. The apartment manager came out and helped me chew the guy out some more. I even tried to get John to authorize it through the phone and Mr. Cable Guy still wouldn't do it. In the end, we sent him away without having anything installed, not even the wires.

But geez! The red tape these companies have! I suppose they just want to make sure that the installation is really authorized. It was just frustrating though. I waited four hours for these installers, and even had a very delayed lunch. What a day!

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Seriously now, the guy's a moron. His not doing his job, really, even if you're not the account holder - all he had to do was ask you for a picture ID. If worse comes to worse, they can uninstall the equipment or charge your company the fees!! It happens to my husband and I all the time as having kept my maiden name!! So frustrating!

By Anonymous Valerie, at July 21, 2005 6:28 AM  

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