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Random thoughts

Friday, November 11, 2005

Road Rage

Before this week, my commute to work would take at the most 40 minutes. And my commute back would take less than an hour.

Then it rained.

No, it wasn't a torrential, Katrina-like downpour. No dramatic accidents on the freeways. But for the past two days, I would leave work at exactly 5pm, be on the road by 5:10 and get home at almost 7pm.

Now I know what they mean when they say Californians don't know how to drive on wet roads.

I've got the worst potty mouth when I get stuck in a traffic jam, especially when I'm a fourth of a mile away from my exit and everyone around me just seems to refuse to move. Every swear word - English and Tagalog - punches its way out of my mouth.

Today the roads are dry though, so I'm crossing my fingers that my experience will be much better. The weekend awaits! I have to start it right.

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hahahaha lol

By Anonymous Valerie, at November 11, 2005 8:22 PM  

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