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Random thoughts

Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend Recap - Yosemite

At the last minute on Friday, I decided that we would go through with the trip to Yosemite. So I rushed home after work, threw everything I needed in a bag, took the last shower I would have for a couple of days and then went to meet the others.

After all the last-minute preps and loading of the cars, we jumped in the cars and took off - Cecile and David in one car, and me, Marc and Douglas in the other. With all our gear, there was no way we could fit into one car. Besides, we were going to do separate climbs so two cars just made sense.

I think I may have set my expectations too high because I felt disappointed that we weren't able to do as many routes as I thought we would. Marc had warned me that it would be slower since there were three of us climbing together (Cecile and David paired up, and the rest of us knew we wouldn't be able to climb their level anyway) but I suppose I didn't expect it to be that slow of a pace. Despite that though, I still felt pretty fulfilled at the end of it.

One big disappointment for me was that I wasn't able to take pictures of Marc climbing. I had asked Doug to film him doing his first climb, but there were trees in the way, and eventually he just stopped trying and fell asleep. Sigh. It was the only advantage I could find with three people climbing but it didn't work out either. I think I'm going to get a tripod for the next trip.

So it is with a mixture of regret and pride that I share these pics.

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