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Random thoughts

Friday, February 10, 2006

My Long Week

It's finally Friday! After a long harrowing week filled with a lot of pressure and outbursts, I'm finally done with it. The long hours I put in at work paid off well yesterday - the application prototype I pretty much coded by myself was presented to a group of 18 people, and it went over well. I felt a great sense of fulfillment when I got the feedback from the meeting. There's still a lot to do, but it helps to get a boost of confidence from others.

To reward myself, I think I'll do a little shopping sometime this weekend. Being away from the corporate world for so long, I got rid of a lot of my office clothes, and ended up with a closetful of hooded sweaters, flipflops and wifebeaters. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a very good idea if I showed up wearing that here at work. So I'm giving my wardrobe a makeover - combing through everything and donating the stuff I haven't worn for over a year. That's the only way I would actually feel good about buying more clothes and shoes for myself.

The climbing program Marc and I are on seem to be going along well. We went up to 12 routes in one session then went back to 10 last Wednesday, and although I didn't climb that hard, I did feel a little stronger, and was able to do better than the first time we tried to do the ten routes. I've also started to do more weight training so hopefully that will help.

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