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Random thoughts

Monday, January 23, 2006

Open House Hopping

Armed with an offer of support from my parents, and with two of my best advisors by my side, I braved the real estate market yesterday and went to several open houses to see what my options are. Mind you, I just recently started looking, so I don't really know yet what I'm looking for.

The prices seemed pretty reasonable at first, but when I got home and started computing monthlies with my uncle, I had to shake my head several times. It's amazing how much money you have to shell out; no wonder my uncle always has a pained look on his face when he writes checks out for mortgage and insurance payments.

I'm not discouraged though, because I know I'll find something when it's time. Even a fixer-upper wouldn't be bad, because then I can apply my own design ideas to it and end up happier. It also helps that Marc can help me remodel, if I need to. :) I was salivating though when we went to Barnes and Noble after the open houses, and looked through interior design books. This is a sure sign that I'm getting old - getting excited about paint colors and couch-and-table combinations. Haha!

I have to be patient and just wait for the market to go down a little bit, according to most people I talk to. I'm hoping that I get a similar deal to what Tito Gary found a few year's back, when the market went down - $78,000 for a 2-BR apartment, that looked really nice. Anytime now! :)

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Yeah, owning a place hurts a lot, but when you think of it, paying a mortgage isn't that much more than paying monthly rent. It's just that down payment that sucks the life out of you! Good luck in finding a place!

By Blogger Yano, at January 23, 2006 3:41 PM  

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