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Random thoughts

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hectic Holiday Schedule

Since I'm stubborn and don't want to give up my regular activities, I've pretty much packed my schedule until I get back from New York. I've spoken to friends who want to catch up, but there just isn't time and I've had to put them off until after I get back. I have a ton of gifts sitting in the kitchen that I need to wrap - not mine to give, but Tito Gary's, whose gifts I always wrap for him. There's a full day of catching up with Angela on Saturday, a wedding on Sunday, and maybe a short climbing trip to Malibu with Bas, who is leaving for England on the 23rd.

And since I'm so close to finishing the scarf, I've made it my goal to have it ready for New York.

It's a relief that traffic isn't so bad anymore, since a lot of people have gone elsewhere for the holidays. Makes it easier to get around to do some last minute shopping for gifts that I need to buy. I really wish I had more time though.

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