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Random thoughts

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wedding Bells Everywhere

It seems that more and more people are getting engaged these days. It's the sign of the times - I really am getting old. ;) I just attended a wedding not too long ago in December, and then there are two more weddings coming up in the springtime. And I thought that was that.

But today there was a commotion just outside of my cubicle - it was like all the girls in our aisle had converged right there. There was squealing, some tears and a lot of excited chatter: Somebody had just gotten engaged.

Naturally it makes you think when you're surrounded by all these pending wedding bells. And naturally, I got to thinking about what I wanted in mine. I know, some girls grow up already dreaming about this day, and in a way, I did. I remember telling my mom that I wanted to get married when I was 24 (sorry, Mom, I'm already four years late! haha!). But other than that, I never really sat down and spent hours visualizing what it would be like. It's only now that I'm beginning to determine what I like and don't like because I see all this planning around me.

It's still hard to imagine myself actually being in that point in time though. I know I'll eventually get there, and when I do, I know it'll be a blast finally figuring out what I really want on my wedding day. Right now, all I know is, I will be sending out "save the date" cards. But I'm told that that's standard practice, so really, I'm nowhere near having it all planned out.

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