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Random thoughts

Monday, February 20, 2006

Slow Weekend

Starting off the weekend with a high-energy night did not bode well for the rest of the weekend. On Friday, a bunch of people met at a secluded little nook in Century Club for some salsa dancing and loads of drinking to celebrate Apinya's birthday. For some reason, Tony took it upon himself to force me to drink two of the humungous "shots" of tequila (yeah right, they were more like double shots that I had to drink in one go). After one of these shots, we were off to the dance floor to shake our butts to the music.

Well, when everyone congregated back upstairs, there was another round of shots waiting for us. Someone shoved one in my hand, and my efforts to pass it on to someone else were quickly shot down. So shot#2, and then we were off again. By that time, I was really feeling it. But the sweaty dancing was holding me down just enough.

When we got to the car though, every little turn Marc made sent me into a barrage of complaints and whinings. It was not a pretty sight. I was glad to finally lay down in bed and sleep off my intoxication.

What resulted was one of the slowest weekends I've ever had. I think the two days consisted mostly of sleeping, eating and vegging out on the couch. Marc almost had to drag me down to the Santa Monica stairs to get me to do some semblance of exercise.

Today, President's Day, most of the people around me aren't here, and once again, I find myself slowly sinking into a state of laziness. Coffee isn't an option since we started our "prepare for summer" diet yesterday. I wonder how long before my brain stops functioning?

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