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Random thoughts

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Visitors in the Home Nest

My parents are here on a two-week visit from the Philippines. Like three excited little kids, my uncle, Marc and I piled into the car to pick them up. It helped a lot that they only had so much luggage so that we could all crowd into the car without having to worry about where to put their stuff. Marc and I jumped out of the car to fetch them, and it was probably the easiest airport pickup I'd ever done in my life. I walked into the terminal, saw my dad sitting there, with my mom following shortly after, and then we headed out and jumped back in the car because my uncle hadn't even driven away.

So we got home and started unpacking their luggage. As usual, half of what they brought was food - mango tartlets, dried mangoes, packs of instant chocolate oatmeal, cooked prawns, etc., etc. Then there was the usual set of clothes that my mom always brings me. Then airline magazines. By the time all these were unloaded, there was only a little set of clothes for my mother, and another little set for my dad. You gotta love that.

It's always exciting when they visit because I get to plan things that I don't normally do. It's fun to try and think of places to take them to. I also love it when I can take my dad with me and go ride our bikes together, or go hiking somewhere, although the one and only time I did that, he ended up with high blood pressure and my mother forbade me to ever let him do that again.

This Sunday, I am taking them to the Getty Villa, which I was lucky to get tickets to. I had checked the website a couple of weeks ago to see if Marc and I could get in, but all the days up to July were sold out. But this morning, Marc mentioned that Charlie and Julie logged in just last week and was able to get tickets for this weekend. As soon as I hung up, I went to the website and endured the slow museum ticketing web application to reserve three spots for Sunday. Score! I know my parents will definitely enjoy that.

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It is always fascinating seeing how when the typical Filipinos pack, more than half of the stuff they bring with them is pasalubong. And of course, on their way back, they have to go pasalubong shopping and bring stuff for the folks back home.

Enjoy your time with your parents. :-)

By Anonymous Junby, at March 01, 2006 11:12 AM  

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