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Random thoughts

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Easy Target

Since I started taking walks during my lunch hour, I've felt more adventurous and have walked farther and farther into areas I'm unfamiliar with. Well, during one of these walks, I stumbled upon a Target that was relatively close by. When I used to live in Glendale, Target was one of my number one places to shop at, but when we moved to Brentwood, there was no Target close enough that I could go there whenever I wanted.

So you can imagine my delight upon discovering the store close to work. Now 4 out of 5 times, I just make it a point to pop in during my walk and see what's new on their shelves. Of course if I make it a daily habit, it gets boring after awhile. So I switch between walking around Paseo or going to the post office or going to the bank or walking down to Old Town (which is a bit of a walk but really good exercise).

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