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Random thoughts

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Calling in the Troops

With my uncle's move-in date looming in the near future, we were both getting stressed out with all the things that we needed to finish. I want certain things done before he comes to live in the apartment, and he needs to get all his stuff packed - some to move to the apartment, some to keep in storage.

And here is when my parents step in to the rescue (they arrived last night). Since my mom absolutely loves organizing, and my dad likes to tinker, they're the perfect duo to save the day. Marc and I were joking that if we left my dad in my apartment with some of Marc's tools, I'd probably come home to a place that looks completely different. My mom meanwhile will have a ball wrapping my uncle's antiques and kitchen stuff in newspaper and putting them in boxes. In the end, everyone's a winner! :)

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