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Random thoughts

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Holiday Spirit

The Christmas spirit has been a little slow in coming this year, but I'm finally caught up in it. I have Christmas songs playing in my car (thank God I finally have a car that has a working audio system - reason enough to be joyful), my cubicle at work is decorated with blinking Christmas lights, a reindeer stocking, all sorts of trinkets from co-workers, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, gold bells and garlands. I have a million different kinds of sweets on my desk (by the way, as I was writing this, I received a box of dark chocolates, my favorite kind of chocolate - yummy! God, I'm going to get fat this season, aren't I?).

So no matter how bare the apartment is (we only have one Christmas-y piece), there's a lot of things around here at work to remind me that it's the peppermint season. :) If I don't get to write again until after the holidays, Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

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