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Random thoughts

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mt. Whitney

At Marc's cajoling, I finally gave in and agreed to go on a hike up Mt. Whitney yesterday. I was apprehensive since the people I knew that actually climbed Whitney actually trained for it, so I made sure that expectations were set to the lowest. Tony allayed my worries more when he said all he wanted to do was hike, and it didn't matter how far we went.

So early Sunday morning (and I really do mean early!), we drove the three hours to the base of the mountain. The hike up wasn't so bad, but the altitude really got to me, so much so that when we got to the first campsite, I turned to Marc and whispered, "You guys can go ahead, I'll wait for you here," then proceeded to get sick in the bushes. Whew.

But nevertheless, here are some beautiful pictures from our little adventure.

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