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Random thoughts

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Comedy Store

For something different, Angela came up with a friend to see a comedy show with us last Friday night. With traffic and what-not, Marc and I thought we weren't going to be able to make it, but Angela and Francis arrived just in time. We were a little late getting to the show, but we still made it.

One drawback? We had to sit in front. Of course as soon as we made our way up front to take our seats, the comedian onstage started ripping on us. Whoops! We hurriedly turned off our cellphones as he very passionately said, when one phone rang, "I'm serious about that phone, man, I'm going to shove it up your @$$."

I think going to the show was what each of us needed (or at least I think I can speak for me, Marc and Angela). We've all been stressed out with each of our own lives so it was great to just unwind and have a few good belly laughs.

It was also good to stay up and really catch up with each other, something Angela and I did, long after Marc had drifted off to dreamland. I guess being geographically distant takes a little of our closeness away as well, but I'm glad to know that we can always bounce back when we do reconnect.

In the morning, we grabbed some brunch at The Omelette Parlor then made a day of buying our Halloween costumes, splurging at the local yarn store, and trying our hand at making sushi rolls (which was fairly successful). Angela then had to go off and watch a concert, and we went to a birthday dinner for Anami.

Sunday was the usual: mass, then a little work at the gym, and then an afternoon hike to clear our minds and get ready for Monday again.

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