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Random thoughts

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Senselessness and a Tragedy

There's not much to talk about today, so I thought I'd talk about senseless issues. I got the Victoria's Secret Christmas catalog today, and I thought I'd just have a quick lesbian moment to say that I think this girl is the prettiest out of all the Victoria's Secret models.

Okay, back to being straight.


God, I really miss climbing right now. I'm still having problems with my stupid wrist, but I'm close to not caring. But I feel a little unmotivated to go to the Rockreation here in Santa Monica, especially after seeing the climbing gym up in the Valley, which looked to me like it had longer climbs. Not that I would make it even halfway, given that I haven't touched a climbing wall in awhile. So okay, I changed my mind, maybe it's a good idea to go to Rockreation instead. Hmm. Here I go again with my dilemma. I won't get into it.


This election frenzy has gotten me quite excited as well. We have the TV turned on right now, keeping close tabs on the numbers and statistics. Wow, me and politics! Who knew? But a friend likened it to a basketball game, and I liked his analogy, so I thought I'd give politics a chance. Besides, I love history, and they're closely tied.


Okay, I feel pretty bad right now. I have just found out that one of my closest friends' father suffered a stroke last week (Ateneo people, it's Tintin de Jesus' dad). He is still in the ICU, and they're not sure what's going to happen.

Times like these, I feel bad when I complain about my life. Actually, anyone else's problem makes me feel guilty about complaining about mine.

Well anyway, if you read this, please pray for my friend's dad. It will work wonders and it might even save his life.

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