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Random thoughts

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dear, Sweet Bruno

God, I love my boss' dad. He just makes me smile all the time. Who wouldn't, when all I hear is, "You're a good girl, I love you," or "I like your jokes," or when I get that smile he always makes when he likes someone or he's pleased with what I said.

Yesterday, as I was about to leave, he caught me before I got to the door, and started talking about stuff around the house. So I had to stay and get a grand tour of the rooms in the house, and all the stuff that was in them. I am now well-informed of the thousands of bottles of wines in the basement and of his wife's rooms filled with her clothes (Bruno said, "She's Filipino, that's why!" And I said, "No, it's because she's a girl, Bruno.").

Today, I had to take him to two doctor's appointments. The first doctor was relieved to find me there because apparently Bruno has come by the clinic more than six times in the past two months just to have the same thing explained to him over and over again, as he can't seem to remember what they tell him. So I sat in on their session, and took notes of what he has to do. Poor Bruno.

Then I took him to get a PET scan, which he had to prepare for. He had to refrain from eating four hours before. So this morning, at 9 AM, I reminded him that he could only have water until the appointment. Of course, he came into the office at 10 AM with crumbs on his face and I freaked out. Then he said he was just kidding (geez haha).

Anyway, since I was with him the whole morning, I had to stop eating at 9 AM as well. Somehow it just didn't seem right that I buy myself a candy bar while he just sits there and looks at me. So I went on a sympathy fast. But as soon as he went into the imaging room, I hauled ass to the hospital's cafeteria. God, a salad has never tasted that good before. And I suppose if I were to have the same one now, I'd probably say it was disgusting. That's just how hungry I was.

Why a salad? Because after his appointment, we went to his favorite Chinese restaurant, and gorged ourselves on stir-fried MSG-laden food and dimsum and oily desserts. Sigh. There goes the diet.

Yup, that was my day. Pretty busy, but it's for Bruno, and I love doing things for him. He makes me smile. :)

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