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Random thoughts

Friday, November 05, 2004

It's Mammoth Time!


I can't keep still now because I'm co-planning our trip to Mammoth. David and I have emailed back and forth over the past two weeks about this trip, and it's time to reserve the place! That means it's final and I really am going! Yahoo! Out come the beanies and thermals and thick socks! And here comes the perfect excuse to drink as much hot cocoa as I want. Hah! Winter has its benefits.

I was a little worried at first because last time, we went in one big group, and now there's only four of us. I had to call David and make sure he still wants to go because I'd be sorely disappointed if even he backed out now. It's bad enough that my other cousins can't go, but if no one goes at all, then I guess it's goodbye to this trip. :(

So dammit, no one had better back out now. Haha!

I had better start planning the meals and practicing how to cook them. Last time, Christine and I, unfortunate newbies to the world of cooking, totally screwed up the rice (high altitude!). At least we were able to make the pancakes right on the second try. Whew! But of course the guys we were with were total sweethearts, never complaining, and always thanking us and telling us they loved us. Awww!

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