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Random thoughts

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Knitting Frenzy

I'm back to my knitting hobby again. I was so into it before, and even finished one scarf, and started on another one, but then my interest tapered off after awhile, and the scarf was left unfinished. But this past weekend, while Angela and Joedie were hanging out in my room, Angela saw the scarf, and asked me about it. We got to talking about it, and I started to get excited again. So last night, I sat down and slaved away until I finished the scarf - when I say finished, I mean that I used up the yarn. But of course the finished product was way, way substandard.

So now, I'm about to start on a new scarf (let's not get ahead of ourselves, I can't even do the scarf right, so how will I move on to something more complicated?). Hopefully this will turn out better because I'm giving this as a gift. Wish me luck!

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