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Random thoughts

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Taxi Driver

Now I know why I can't be a taxi driver. I spent most of the day today in my car, driving around and getting stuck in traffic. Sure, it's just sitting in a car, but it takes its toll on you. I got home today and everyone was dressed to go to dinner. I was good to go until I found out it was in Chinatown. Chinatown? That's more than ten minutes away. I felt my desire wilting. I could walk for ten minutes to a restaurant but somehow the thought of getting in a car again, even though I won't be the one driving, gave me a case of the sighs. So I begged off.

Grandmother: Baka naman pupunta ka pang gym ha. (Are you still going to the gym?)
Me: Yeah, pupunta nga po. (Yeah, I will go.)
Grandmother: Eh akala ko ba pagod ka, pupunta ka pang gym? (I thought you were tired, why are you still going to the gym?)
Me: *whining sound*

It's not like I was tired physically, it was more of a mental weariness. I was searching for something to offset the time I spent in the car today - butt flexes, running, climbing, whatever! There was just no way I was getting into the car again, at least not for more than five minutes.

So I'm back here at home. I was supposed to go to a Bastille Day celebration with Cecile but I'm just not all there tonight. Besides, there's work to be done, and chores to do around the house. Some alone time is always good, and I always treasure the opportunities I have to zone out on my own.

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