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Random thoughts

Friday, November 18, 2005

Ants In My Pants

It's 10 minutes to the weekend! I'm counting down the minutes - it's been a long week and I know I've worked my butt off, so it's high time for some relaxation. This weekend will be busy as well, but at least it will have nothing to do with coding web applications. 40 hours of that is enough for me. Whew!

My list of things to do (hopefully I'm able to do all of them):
1. Christmas shopping
2. Pedicure (hey I have to be a girl too!)
3. A night hike
4. Climbing (of course)
5. Bake flans for Thanksgiving
6. Knit
7. Practice playing the piano (haven't touched it in awhile)
8. Watch Harry Potter

6 minutes to go!

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