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Random thoughts

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Taking A Breather

I've been so swamped at this new job and busy with trying to fit in Christmas shopping, the long commute to and from Pasadena, and my usual other activities (climbing, knitting, etc.) that I've completely neglected my blog. Whoops! But it's good to actually have more time in between posts so that each entry has more meat.

You'd think.

Well, here's what has happened to me in the last couple of weeks:

1. Finished my Christmas shopping
2. Helped my uncle finish his shopping
3. Successfully completed an indoor 5.11B toprope route without any takes (and it was a route Tad set, which makes it an even bigger accomplishment! Damn tricky Tad routes! :P)
4. Finally climbed the outdoor 5.10d that I had struggled with in Malibu
5. Had my first car accident - bumped into a parked Lexus
6. Watched Rent solo

I'm taking a breather now from work, where I've been unexpectedly thrown into a project as a solo programmer. My deadline is Thursday, and I'm feeling the pressure. Only a couple of days left, and I'm required to learn a new software and a new language, and then program the rest of the application - all by Thursday. I'm jumping for joy.

My relaxation time nowadays consists of extended hours at Rockreation or doing yoga at Marc's place while he sits outside and watches TV (hehe, poor Marc) or knitting before bed. Now, the first two things seem to be going well, but I am just failing miserably with my knitting. I've called Angela in a panic to ask her what I could be doing wrong. I have yet to try her other suggestions, but it's frustrating having to undo and redo this scarf I'm trying to make. Sigh!

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I am busy knitting scarf as Christmas gift. Christmas always keep people busy.

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By Blogger handknit168, at November 29, 2005 6:11 PM  

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