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Random thoughts

Monday, December 05, 2005

The Bong

Well, hello world! I'm greeting you this Monday morning as someone who has been officially initiated into the world of trad leading. Woohoo! Never mind that out of the more than six pieces that I put in, only two were really good, and never mind that I freaked out during the last scramble at the top, and never mind that I forgot to twist the anchor runners around before clipping in. I did a trad lead! That's all that counts.

I knew Marc was a little hesitant because he thinks that I should follow a whole lot more before leading, but I think I kept mentioning it enough that he finally let me do it just to shut me up. ;) I was actually about to concede defeat on yet another hopeful visit to Joshua Tree (maybe, just maybe, he'll finally let me do it), but as we were driving to another climb, we came across this rock with 5.4 route called The Bong.

So I made it to the top. Survived. Marc followed and survived with me belaying him. Then it was time to head down.

What a bitch that was! That had to be the worst walkoff I've ever done in my life. I couldn't help freaking out on our way down, so much so that finally Marc put me on a rope and lowered me down before he climbed down himself. EG$^%*#@$@$%#&^#$@!!!!

Ooh. How cool is that? I can actually bitch about a walkoff from a trad lead route. Yay!

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