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Random thoughts

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Route Setting

Until recently, Jean-Michel had refused to let me set at the gym. His excuse was that it would take a lot of time to teach me how to rig the ropes so that I can belay myself while setting. So I took it into my own hands and asked Tad to teach me.

A few weeks ago, I approached Jean-Michel again, and proposed that he let me and Marc set a couple of routes together. And he agreed! I was so excited.

Finally, last Saturday, Marc and I did our first route, a 5.10c/d that we called Merman (we decided to name all our routes after lines in movies or TV shows that we like). And then tonight, our last route (at least for May) was a 5.9, which I set almost by myself (with Marc giving a few pointers and suggestions, and belaying me). We called this one Wait for it....

I can't wait for the next few times I'm at the gym so that I can watch people run up these routes. I just feel this great sense of fulfillment. I don't know about setting routes regularly, but I'd love to set from time to time. It puts my creative juices at work, something I really need since everything else that I do seems to be so scientific, exact and calculated. Let the other side of my brain work!

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