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Random thoughts

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Game Night That Wasn't

Cecile and David came over to Marc's last night for a game night that we had scheduled a week ago. I had Taboo ready, and we had a deck of cards we were ready to bring out if the need arose.

I was actually concerned about playing games way into the night, since I had had only four hours of sleep the night before. So I was dragging my feet a little, wishing I could just knock out in the bedroom and sleep until the morning. And this was only at 4:30 in the afternoon.

I was finally successful at the domino brownies I had attempted to make, although Marc baked and I only decorated, since he was home earlier than me. They came out alright, although they left a lot to be desired in terms of presentation. How am I supposed to cut the brownies properly when they're still piping hot from the oven?! I know, you're not supposed to, but that's what the recipe called for. Geez.

Anyway, Cecile and David had just come from a trip to Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and Escalante, so they brought a CD of pictures with them for us to see. After dinner, Cecile popped it into Marc's laptop, and that completed the night. We were so in awe of the pictures and what the place looked like that it took us the rest of the night to go through the CD.

Of course, predictable me, at the end of the night, I turned to Marc and said, "I want to do that."

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