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Random thoughts

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Here Comes The Bride

There's so much wedding talk both at work and with other friends that it's hard not to get caught up in the frenzy. So during the course of the day, after consulting wedding websites for some ideas, and looking at wedding venues, and discussing ideas about how to alter a particular dress, I came across these cute proposal stories! So here's a mushy entry for all the blooming brides out there, from the ForeverWed1 website:

Submitted by: Teresa Rozander
It was my birthday on November 28th. Mike bought me a star for my birthday from the Edmonton Science Centre and donated it to me -- it is registered to my name! I have an official certificate. My star is number '6242' ... it is part of Hercules. It was very sweet.

On Dec 3rd he came to my work place on his lunch hour and hand delivered a beautiful bouquet of red roses ... he asked me out for dinner that evening (it was our one year anniversary) and he wanted to go to the Science Centre to look at my star after dinner.

The Science Centre (planetarium) is a really neat building. Iit has a dome shaped ceiling. You lay back in chairs...you feel like you are outside looking at stars on a clear night.

When we went into the planetarium there was very romantic music playing when we walked in. (I did notice the music ... and I thought it was a little strange to have romantic music in a 'Science Centre' but I dismissed it thinking of how romantic it was to be looking at the stars). I didn't know at the time but Mike had MADE me the CD that was playing!

The fourth song started to play ... it was 'our song' and he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! The girl who worked there ... then changed the lighting ... and made it look like a sunset and made the stars spin all around us .. as we danced and talked for an hour. It was so romantic...and I am so excited to spend my life with him. He is my best friend.

By the way, I found out later ... that the Science Centre was closed ... he got an employee to come in and do this for us. It was very sweet!

I shared our proposal night with you but Mike is romantic everyday of the year. He is always doing little things that make me smile and touch my heart. He always says that Valentines day is everyday of the year! I truly am the luckiest girl in the world.


Submitted by: Mark Doggett
I proposed to my wife Lynn during our Junior year in college. I had an evening planned where I had cooked spaghetti (the only meal I knew how to completely prepare). The day before I had bought a box of Cracker Jacks and with a small utility knife I carefully cut open the bottom of the box, removed the contents and found the prize I use to fight for as a child. I removed the prize and replaced it with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. After putting the whole thing back together, it looked as good as new.

So, the next night, after dinner, we settled in for an evening of TV. I dimmed the lights, and broke out the altered Cracker Jacks. She immediately snatched the box from me and furiously fished out the prize. Taking it out of the wrapper, she put the ring on her finger thinking it to be just a cheap prize. Boy was she ever surprised when it hit her what she was actually wearing.

What a memory! What a story for our children.


Okay, one, two, three.... everyone say, "Awwwwwwwww!"

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