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Random thoughts

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Working Weekend

So here I am, bright and early on a Saturday morning, pecking away at my keyboard, with six weeks left to finish the project. I go on a break next week, so there's even more pressure. It's a wonder I haven't started dreaming about work yet.

Last weekend was great, albeit not exactly how we had thought it would be. Our main event was to drive up to Keller Peak for some climbing, and we were so close.... and then we found out that Route 330, the only route that would bring us there was closed for construction. Darn it!

So we backtracked a little bit and took a sidetrip out to Lake Arrowhead instead. I know some friends had gone there before so I was still psyched to see what it was all about. Fed some ducks, took the obligatory tour. I might have missed something since the novelty wore off pretty quickly. But I suppose if we had gone there in the middle of summer instead, with concrete plans, it would have been a different story.

We therefore drove back early and did our fallback routine - laid out on the beach for a couple of hours. The water was still relatively warm, so we were able to play in the water a little bit. I felt like a frozen popsicle once we got out though, and started to dry out.

This weekend is probably going to be simlar to last, but I'll definitely have more fun stories just around the corner!

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Great Pictures and ideas.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 25, 2006 4:52 PM  

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