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Random thoughts

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Taking A Breather

Finally, I'm able to get a moment to relax a little and post an entry here. I'm actually in the middle of laundry, but since the two dryers in my building are tied up right now, I can take a break and write.

The apartment's shaping up, almost everything is in place, so I'm able to calm down a little more too. Things are so busy at all three jobs that I am glad that I don't go home to boxes and boxes of stuff that needs to be unpacked. It's nice to just kick back at home now.

Set a 5.6 route today, but I'm realizing that I really suck at setting courses lower than a 5.8. I keep designing certain moves, only to be told that it's too reachy, too crunchy, too difficult, etc., etc. I hope Chris gives me more difficult grades to set.

Better check on the laundry again... back to the grind!

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