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Random thoughts

Monday, February 14, 2005

Ski Bunny

This past weekend was our much-awaited Big Bear ski trip. Daisy flew down from San Francisco just to be able to celebrate Angela's and Andy's birthday with the whole group. Their family had a spacious and fully-equipped two-bedroom timeshare condo, and we all squeezed into it.

Joedie, Angela and Daisy took a ski class on Saturday, while Daniel, Hedwige and I went up (on the East Mountain Express lift, mostly) and skiied down the trails. At one point, since I was with advanced skiiers, I had to go down a black diamond, and it didn't turn out to be too bad. I was actually able to make it down with only a couple of falls. But it sure did build up my confidence because I was still alive at the bottom of the trail!

Then we sat down to a sumptious dinner at home Saturday night - there was a roast, salmon, asparagus, corn and rice. And of course the sansrival birthday cake, that was super yummy but loaded with sugar. There goes the diet!

We skiied half the day Sunday too; I went with Daisy to the bunny slope a couple of times and taught her how to make turns (their stupid ski teacher didn't even get that far - what a ripoff!), and I was happy when we met up again afterwards and she told me that she was able to improve her turns, and even made it to the other trail. :) Fulfilling! Also, Sunday, when I was on my own, I ventured onto another black diamond, and I made it, no falls! Whew! Now if I can only make it with my eyes closed.....

At 2:30pm, Daisy and I had to haul ass out of there because she had to be at the airport by 5, and I wanted to go to mass. Well, neither one happened. Daisy missed her flight (but was able to catch the next one), and I ended up simply hanging out at the Literati cafe on Bundy and Wilshire.

Anyway, here is a picture of me while I was on the lift. This was taken Sunday, right before my black diamond run. These two girls from Manhattan Beach were with me on the lift, and they offered to take my picture.

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