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Random thoughts

Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend Recap - Superbowl Weekend

I'm not much of a TV sports fan, so this weekend didn't feel any more special than any other weekend for me. But of course since everyone else was in that celebratory mood, I had to join in the festivities.

But Saturday was pretty laid back. Actually, I had planned on doing a long drive all by myself, just to explore the surrounding areas more. I love getting in my car with no pressing destination in mind, and just letting my whims take me around town. But I had to work for a little bit instead, so my long drive turned into a mini-drive along Sunset all the way through Pacific Palisades to the beach. It was actually a beautiful drive, and I was sorry to have to cut it short. It was getting too dark, so the whole point of the ride (sightseeing) was defeated.

Saturday night, Marc finally got his wish and we sat down to watch The Gladiator, which turned out to be pretty damn good. I'm not a big Russell Crowe fan, but I liked the movie anyway.

Sunday, we all headed to Tito Ante's and Tita Edna's to "watch" the game. I say "watch" because I really didn't. I only looked at the TV to see the commercials (some of them were funny, but a lot of them were kind of corny!). Amazing half-time show though - I loved all the songs that Paul McCartney sang. That guy still has IT!

Then I hauled ass to the Promenade after we made a quick getaway from the Superbowl party. I wanted to check out the Apple store in preparation for my much-awaited iPod purchase, but 5 minutes after I walked into the store, as I was looking around for a salesperson to talk to, they turned off the lights and prepared to close. Gee, thanks.

So instead of going home with a brand new gadget, I went home with some milk and a package of processed meat. Oh well.


Hey it's almost Valentine's! I was at Ralph's last night (where I got the milk and the processed meat) and they had this whole section dedicated to the occasion. Red and white and pink all over the aisle. I felt so girly.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank St. Valentine for inspiring this holiday, but darn it, where is Cupid when you need him, huh? There's only a week left, so he better hurry!

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