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Random thoughts

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hello from Austin, Texas! Alas, all I've seen of it is a few buildings, the airport and the inside of my hotel. There's freezing rain and sleet outside, and the roads are too dangerous to drive on. So, instead of being able to mosy on around town, I'm stuck in the hotel room until further notice. Even the class that I came here for is moving to an online format (for now at least), so even that is making me stay indoors. Sigh. So no walking around and exploring, no going for a nice outdoor run or hike, and most disappointing of all, probably no climbing at Enchanted Rock. I guess I'll just have to satisfy myself with a session at the rock gym about 7 miles from my hotel. Oh well.

The good thing is that I did pick a good hotel so it won't be so bad staying indoors. There are three restaurants to choose from, I have wireless internet in my room, a good selection of movies to choose from, and the final clincher, a Nintendo feature! Woohoo!