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Random thoughts

Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Honor of Hearts Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Big Bear

For Angela's birthday, we took a day trip out to Big Bear to celebrate with her sister and some of her friends. We got there a little late so we missed the 8am meet-up time - traffic was horrible and we had some unexpected delays. I was so excited, since I hadn't been skiing since Massachusetts. But when I got to the top and was preparing to ski down, I suddenly started getting nervous, and couldn't make it down the regular way - that is, I had to slide my way down the whole way. What a sight to see, a little woman sliding her way down a black diamond! "Get off the slope, woman!"

Fortunately, I got the ski legs back, and it was so much fun for the rest of the afternoon.... UNTIL towards the end of the day, I got mowed over by a guy on a snowboard, got a bad headache and had to stop. So now here I am, four days after the fact, and I am still unable to tilt my head certain ways, my arm and hands have bruises and the right side of my stomach feels like someone punched me. Whoopee.

But here is the picture to commemorate the "before" scenario.