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Random thoughts

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New Phlog and an Awesome Saying

Phlog has upgraded to their new system, and I was given two options for the interface. I'm testing out this one, just for a change, but I'm a little bit bothered by the fact that it's hard to tell when an entry ends and a new one begins. But oh well. This will have to do for now, until I'm able to get a customizable blog (which I have been meaning to do for the past three months).

Anyway, I got an email from a friend today, and she has this awesome quote that I wanted to share with people!

"To be drop dead gorgeous and extremely intelligent is a curse, but don't despair, my friend, suffering is good for your soul."

Whew! It's a little breezy in here right now. But this is a welcome punchline on down days, so maybe it will help someone out there as well. It made me laugh, which made this day even better than it already is.

I'm always attracted to drama so I'm changing my Lenten abstinence for a third time: I am going to strive to be cheerful, and to be much more social, and to listen more. It's interesting to hear what people have to say because it gives me a better idea of who they are. I suppose that's why most times that I meet someone for the first time, I like to be quiet and let them talk, because I always like to know what kind of thoughts are in their head, what interests them, what they like to talk about.

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